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The human and his emotions as well as his personal story are the focus of Volkan Baga‘s works. His classical, but at the same time contemporary style often uses surrealistic components, metaphors and symbols. Behind a veil of melancholy his paintings reveal a moment of silence that allows the viewer to connect with Baga‘s paintings. At a second look the pictorial representation unleashes a depth of content. It is mostly the voice of the artwork which touches the viewer. The emotional strand between the painting and the viewer gets stronger the longer you observe. The distinctive narrative style is a signature characteristic in Baga‘s works.
Volkan Baga, born 1977, lives and works as a contemporary artist in Würzburg, Germany. He studied illustration at the University of Applied Sciences of Würzburg from 1997 to 2002. Among his mentors were Nicolai Sarafov, Erwin Grießel and Syd Mead. In 2005 he assisted American artist Donato Giancola in his studio in New York, USA. Since that time, Baga has worked as an artist focusing on oil painting.
Baga‘s works have been published in numerous international books, magazines and other publications. His paintings are regularly selected for art books, such as Spectrum: Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art or Art Renewal Center Catalog. Furthermore art specialty magazines such as ‘Novum’, ‘Art Scene International’ or ‘Der Kunsthandel’ have featured him and his works.
His art has been exhibited in numerous museums and exhibitions, such as in the ‘Kenosha Public Museum’ (USA), the National Portrait Gallery London (GB), the Sunderland Museum and The Scottish National Portrait Gallery (GB), the ‘Atlas Art House Gallery’ (USA) and the ‘Allentown Art Museum’ (USA).
In 2009 Volkan Baga won a Chesley Award given out for excellence in genre art. He won the Second Place Prize in the category Imaginative Realism of the Art Renewal Center Competition "2013-2014 International ARC Salon". One of his portraitures was selected by the Jury of the "BP PORTRAIT AWARD 2014" competition. Several other pieces of his works have been nominated for international awards.
Besides private art collectors, his commercial clients include Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, the Random House Group, Weltbild Publishing Group and Ravensburger.
Beyond commissions Volkan Baga works on his personal art pieces, which focus on a contemporary yet classical style inspired by the artist’s historical surroundings of his home town, Würzburg.