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Mark Poole is a globally renowned, award-winning artist specializing in oil painting. He’s created stunning dream-like fantasy illustrations that have been taking his viewers on emotional journeys for over 20 years. Mark is currently focusing on his personal works of imaginative realism. His oil paintings cross subtle landscapes of dreams with emotional journey.
As a child, Mark was constantly moving as a result of his dad’s Air Force enlistment. His only constants were his family and his love of comics, fantasy and sci-fi novels, and drawing. He was influenced by the fictional worlds created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, particularly in John Carter of Mars. Reading about new and exciting fantasy worlds inspired him to draw his own.
Mark began his career by drawing for companies like TSR and Dragon Magazine, as well as many local press and independent gaming companies. In 1992, he was asked to create for Wizards of the Coast and became one of the original artists for the game Magic: The Gathering.
Although he’s still involved in the gaming industry, Mark continues to create art for his personal gallery. Visit the Gallery page now to see some of the masterful illustrations he’s completed.