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Marc Potts is a British artist and occasional author, living and working in rural Devon in the South-west of England. The wooded valleys, wild moors and rugged coasts play a part in inspiring the feel of his art, along with a deep abiding love of ancient Northern European history and its folklore and mythology. His body of work has a dual nature, on the one hand within some pieces there is a darkness that is balanced by the spirituality within the artistic process, a raw quality … and yet on the other hand he is also known for creating images of the ‘un-natural history’ of the land, paintings of folkloric creatures, full of humour and whimsy, with a definite atmosphere of classic vintage illustration.
Marc’s art has appeared on many book and magazine covers and he has illustrated a variety of publications. His images have been the inspiration for many products including figurines, jewelry and clothing. His work has been collected internationally and exhibited within Europe for many years, and for the past four years has had the great pleasure of exhibiting regularly in the U.S.A. Marc has written 2 books, ‘The Mythology of the Mermaid and Her Kin’ and ‘How to Draw and Paint Dragons’, and is currently writing a third for a future crowd-funding campaign inspired by his Pixy and Goblin art, with his wife Kelly.